450-G Thermal Shrink Package

The thickness of shrink film should be in the range of 0.01-0.04 mm. The temperature of the shrink room and the speed of the conveyer are adjustable. Furthermore, the height of shrink tunnel is able to be adjusted according to the size of packing goods. Teflon conveyor has advantage of keeping heat. It is ideal to shrink small and light box with this shrink machine

Compact construction, high efficiency.

Accurate temperature control of shrink tunnel.

Strongair-flow ensures excellent heat distribution for an even shrinking.

Detailed Specification:

Model: G-450

Power source: 220V/380V 50-60Hz

Power: 9KW

Conveyor speed: 0-10m/min

Tunnel size(LWH): 1200*450*250mm

Conveyor loading: 15kg

Machine size (LWH): 1600*600*1300m