5540 Shrink Packager 2 in 1

FM series 2 IN 1 shrink packaging machine achieves film sealing, cutting and shrink in one operation and is a very economical packaging machine for small amount productivity; use POF, PVC, PP as packaging materials. It has two functions for option: one is only seal-cut; another is both seal-cut and shrinking. The hot air is kept in a small heating room, which saves power consumption greatly. In the shrinking process, packing products are wrapped perfectly with strong hot circulating airflow. Shrinking process can be observed through the transparent cover. FM series machine is widely used in the external packaging of beverage, gift, hardware, cosmetics and plastics, etc.

Model 5540
Power supply 220V / 50-60Hz
Power 3.8KW
Max. packing dimension (L*W*H) 550 x 400 x 300mm
Sealing Length 500 x 375 mm
capacity 500-800 pcs/h
Machine size (L*W*H) 1400*730*1450mm