6050 Semi Automatic Carton Sealer.

  • Semi Automatic carton Details below :
  • Semi-automation carton sealing machine is an innovative solution to meet a variety of carton sealing needs.
  • The compact body requires less space than a working table.
  • Can be easily moved to any point on the factory floor or placed at the end of the packaging line.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Dependable for a continuous, round the clock operation.
  • High speed reliable and perfect sealing every time.
  • Works on under-filled cartons too.

Detailed Specification:

Model: FXA-6050.

Power source: AC220V/50HZ; 110V, 60HZ; 240W

Sealing capacity: About 1,000 standard cases per hour

Width of the adhesive tape: 36mm 48mm 60mm

Way of transmission: Up and down transmission

Max Sealing size: (W*H) 500*600mm

Min Sealing size: (W*H) 140*150mm

Machine size: 1798*706*1377mm