723 – Carton Sealer

Carton Sealer Details:

  • This set is a foursquare one-unit series. It can be combined with other shaped taping machine to operate(I-shaped automatically carton sealing).
  • Transmission design, operate by upper and lower transmission box affixed with the sealed carton. Within carton specification, normalize the same carton based on the same packing sheet, finish by manual adjustment for specification change(just 1 minute for adjustment)
  • On-line process adopt L type forward push the steering.
  • Machine parts are precise and durable, with long operating life.
  • Guarantee more artificial stickers with beauty, fast speed, high efficiency.

Detailed Specification:

Model No: 723

Conveyor Speed: 6-10boxes/min.
Max. Packager Size: L500 x W500 x H500mm.
Min. Packager Size: L320 x W200 x H180mm. Width Of Tape: 36mm,48mm,50mm,60mm.

Power Supply: 220-380V/50-60Hz .

Use Gas Source: 6kg, f/cm-150nl/min
Machine Size: 1900 x 1130 x 1530 mm.

Machine Weight: 380kg